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About Us

Welcome to the Cox's Creek Baptist Church family. Countless families have been worshiping here at the church on the hill since 1785. Many strong, committed, and loving Christian men and women have served and ministered behind these doors, but more importantly beyond these doors. And beyond these doors lies the mission field. As true "born again" Christians, we believe that the Lord's ministry belongs to ALL of us and we should never pass up an opportunity to minister to anyone in need. 
Our Almighty God has certainly been good to Cox's Creek for over 246 years. He has blessed us beyond believe, but more importantly, He has allowed His children to use these wonderful facilities to worship Him, to evangelize the lost, and to serve this community. 
We have also had untold hours of fun and fellowship through all the many years from softball to volleyball to basketball..from sewing and quilting.. from movie and game nights, out of school bashes, softball games, Easter egg hunts... And lest we forget about the eating! We are Baptist indeed!
May the Lord of All continue to bless us here at Cox's Creek. May we continue to be faithful with our loving obedience to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. May the Lord bless you through out your life.

Our Pastor:
Bro. Jim Bratcher
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